Welcome to the NEW website of Adnalms Järnvägar, incorporating the FLMJ model railway, Adnalms Järnvägsklubb and Adnalms Järnvägsförening.  For roundly 30 years we have maintained and operated the FLMJ in England, but now this Swedish railway modelling diorama is coming home.  Adnalms Järnvägar owns the assets, and has appointed a manager (as before) to take control.  The club (Adnalms Järnvägsklubb) will be based in Sweden, comprising friends who wish to volunteer with the Railway’s development.  The friends (Adnalms Järnvägsförening) are based in England and were mostly involved with the previous Railway’s development.  Adnalms Järnvägar is our collective title, plural because we hope to ‘branch out’ in due course.

This website serves two primary functions: to bring you the news from our modelling activities (which we hope to do in both languages), and to provide a lot of Swedish Railway information in English – because it is already available elsewhere in Swedish!  We will also ‘give a mention’ to forthcoming events within the Railway calendar that are either happening here in Sweden, or are in some way connected with Swedish railways, for example with the Scandinavian Railways Society; and a few other bits and pieces here and there.  Being a new site, there is some development ongoing, and we hope that you find the new layout and presentation an improvement on the old.

An archive of the old website is still available at http://www.adnalm.org.uk/old

Due to abuse by spammers, the Contact form has been removed:
For enquiries about the development of the eventual new railway you can contact us at ajf-AT-adnalm-DOT-org-DOT-uk – which you’ll need to type manually in the correct style.