Photos & Videos

Rebuilt FLMJ (2015-2018)

Improved FLMJ as a single-line branch (2009-2014)

Original ‘new’ FLMJ (2001-2008)

KRBJ and first FLMJ (1992-2000)



FLMJ Trains On Tour


Memories of the FLMJ

A selection of stills from the FLMJ. [Video: A. Allum.]
The last train departs Lövhöjden; church bells chiming and organ playing in the background… [Video: A. Allum]
Collage of photos of mostly scenery on the Railway’s last day.. [Video: A. Allum]

FLMJ to 2018

A journey from Ålunden, through Månstorp, Lövhöjden, Siljansnäs, Månstorp again, before reaching Lövhöjden again [Video: A. Allum]
Testing of F-1207. [Video: A. Allum]
T44 349 assists Du 373 with a long goods train. [Video: A. Allum]
Y7 1136 arrives at Månstorp. [Video: A. Allum]
A double-headed goods train passes through Lövhöjden. [Video: A. Allum]
Rc-loco and Da-loco bring a goods train towards Lövhöjden. [Video: A. Allum]
Rc6 1353 departs from Lövhöjden with an InterRegio train. [Video: A. Allum]
Daniel Hill’s Y2 set speeding through Månstorp. [Video: A. Allum]
The IC-11 set arrives at Månstorp. The comment reflects popular opinion about this train. [Video: A. Allum]
The Y7 railbus departs from Månstorp. [Video: A. Allum]
Patrick Grace’s Dk locomotive bringing a train into Lövhöjden as part of the parade on the SJ-150 open weekend. [Video: A. Allum]
TGOJ V class rounding the curve from Kopparberg to Lövhöjden with a short “Enthusiasts’ Train.” [Video: A. Allum]
A Roco Rc-series locomotive cautiously rounding the curve up from Månstorp. [Video: S. Trower]
Danish EG locomotive bringing a goods train into Månstorp. [Video: S. Trower]
A Visiting German steam locomotive, racing through Lövhöjden with a train of Swedish coaching stock. [Video: S. Trower]