General Articles

Swedish Railways – Special Features

SJ – A brief historyA brief history of Sweden’s railways.
The ‘D’ locomotive History
The F-electric loco
The Ma-loco
RC-series Locomotives
Hilding Carlsson railbuses
Dateboxes (The Y6 Railbus)
Fiat Railbuses in SwedenA look at the Fiat Y1 railbuses introduced to replaced the Y6 generation.
SJ Åttiotalsvagnar (1980s Coaches)
G-vans on SJA look at the different variations of the ‘G ‘ type goods vans.
Swedish Automatic Train ControlA look at the safety system used on the Swedish railways.
UIC Wagon NumberingOur guide to the wagon numbering system used on the Swedish (and other European) railways.

Trips to Sweden

Sweden 2020 – the ‘last visit’!The last ‘visit’ to Sweden!
Sweden 2015 – A reflective tripTwenty-five years on, and a reflection on the Swedish Scene
Sweden 2011The Director General’s trip to Sweden in Winter 2011.
Club trip to Sweden 2006Our most recent club trip to Sweden, yes a long time ago
Club trip to Sweden 2002One of our group trips to Sweden, with a railway theme of course