Forthcoming Events

Here we have a selection of events that seem to be going ahead. [Updated 2023-11-26]

  • The events in the UK are shewn because it is understood that the Scandinavian Railways Society is being represented there, and/or that there will be a Swedish-themed railway there.
  • The Swedish events are a few that we know about from experience; and a few that have been recommended to us but which will be investigated for inclusion (or not) next time!

It is important that you check the websites (or by whatever other means are at your disposal) for the latest news to check that these events are still going ahead. (Please also understand that we cannot accept liability for ‘inaccuracies’ made by the event hosts!)

Dates are given in Swedish format; year, month, date (YYYY-MM-DD).
Where non-English characters are shewn in web-addresses, see our “På Svenska > Swedish Words” section to see how to type them on a UK keyboard!

Looking a long way ahead, this event has been proposed:
2024-10-19 (UK)
An Exhibition jointly organised by the European Railway societies
Venue and details to be advised later during 2024
This hopefully combines the interests from the Societies catering for Austrian, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian, Swiss, and maybe more…