Welcome to the website of Adnalms Järnvägar, a voluntary organisation whose Friends have built, maintained and operated Swedish model railway dioramas, including the former KRBJ, FLMJ, Köpingsvik and Steninge layouts; all of which are/were in the UK (Steninge still exists, but not owned by us any more). Here you can find information about all that we are doing, and notifications about relevant forthcoming events that we know about.

Most of our history is related to a Swedish model railway in H0-scale, located in the garden around a home in England, but which closed at the end of the summer 2018 timetable due to relocation to Sweden. Now, our main focus is on a new Swedish model railway being built in the basement under a home in Sweden (with the home-owners’ full support). The railway is to be known as the RTJ, Rickbacken—Töjnan Järnväg; but it is planned to include some narrow gauge elements which will have their own names! Nevertheless, ”RTJ” will be the collective title.

We will continue to update our news monthly (wherever posssible), and in both languages. We also advise about forthcoming events here in Sweden and in the UK. The Swedish events can be considered ’main’ events, or very local to the RTJ; but the UK events are ones where we understand that a Swedish railway diorama will be on display, or that the Scandinavian Railways Society will be in attendance. We will also continue to support our Friends who have their own Swedish model railways, be they in Sweden, or in the UK.

We are making some changes to this website, but… We’re doing it ourselves, locally, instead of asking our “Computer Guru” to do it for us (amiably, we need the practice)! So, please bear with us if it looks a bit messy during January – and February; we’re doing one bit at a time.

An archive of the old website is still available at http://www.adnalm.org.uk/old

Due to abuse by spammers, the Contact form has been removed:
For enquiries about the development of the eventual new railway you can contact us at ajf-AT-adnalm-DOT-org-DOT-uk – which you’ll need to type manually in the correct style.